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Let me start by saying this, 5 weeks ago I knew nothing about Forex trading. This all came about after chatting with a fellow member of the Side Hustle Nation facebook group.

I am always looking into new methods to earn online and a comment in the group caught my attention.

This was by a chap called Ty who said he was earning money on autopilot for himself and also managing clients accounts with automated forex trading.

The part which caught my eye was ‘automated' anything that earns money and on autopilot is the holy grail.

But I have seen so many of these posts before and to date, I have only found one other method to fully automate something.

If you are a long time reader of the blog or viewer over on YouTube you will know I automate hundreds of YouTube channels using a piece of software.

If you want to know how I automate YouTube you can watch this video here. 

After a few comments back and forth with Ty he explained he had created a piece of software for Forex automated trading.

It was just coming out of Beta testing and he was starting to take on new clients and offer the software for a one time fee.

So I asked him some more questions about this automated software which is called Azha Trader and here are the answers.

Azha Trader 6.0 Review

How Did You Come Up With The Idea For Azha Trader?

The idea came about from missing trading sessions due to typical life events.

Wondering if their was a way to be able to trade 24/5 on autopilot with the same algorithms I used daily in the Forex market manually trading.

How Long Has This Been In Development?

This development has been in the works for quite some time.

I was working on it and back testing for over a year.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and I was able to give it my full attention due to being quarantined.

I contacted some developers and coders online to help me finalize it and then we released the software once I was happy with everything after testing it for a few weeks.

How Safe Is The Software?

The software is extremely safe as long as you use it properly.

I recommend withdrawing 30% of your weekly profits and leaving in the remaining 70% so you can still have consistent growth.

Is It Really Hands Off?


It’s 95% hands off and only 5% hands on. The hands part would be entering the setting you will run that week due to news events and watching your MT4 app to see Profits!

Besides those two factors Azha Trader handles the rest!

How Would You Sum Up The Software?

Azha Trader 6 uses a pattern created on a 4hr time chart and places buy and sell orders based off the most current market conditions so you can trade SAFELY.

The software is an amazing way to automate the entire process of trading, spend less time on charts, and allows you to be profitable while you work at your job, your business, or simply out enjoying your personal life

Azha Trader is all about creating a passive income for everyone across the world.

After a few more messages back and forth I purchased the software and set this up to see if this really is a hands off method to earning a passive income online.

Make Money Doing Nothing - Azha Trader

My Results With Azha Trader 6.0 So Far.

Below I will share the results with you for the first 4 weeks of using this automated Forex Trading software. I started this with $1,000 deposit on the 16/6/2020 and the software started trading automatically for me the following day.

Day 1.

Azha Trader 6.0 Results

Day 2.

Azha Trader 6.0 Results

Day 3.

Azha Trader 6.0 Results


Day 4.

Azha Trader 6.0 Results


Day 5.

Azha Trader Day 5


Day 6.

Azha Trader 6.0, Day 6 Results

Day 7.

Azha Trader Results


After 7 full days using the Azha Trader software I have earned $211.05 and I literally haven't touched it or done anything!

At this point it would be very easy to let the greed monster take over and invest more.

However, I always like to test things properly so I didn't invest anymore money but instead let the profits compound as this way you can earn more.

After taking screenshots everyday I started recording the profits at the end of each week instead.

Here are the profits for the next 7 days using Azha Trader – 26th June to the 3rd July.

Azha Trader 6.0 Results 2020.


The following week I did take a few screen shots which are below for you too see.

Azha Trader 6.0 Results

Azha Trader 6.0 Results

Here are the results for week 3 using the software.

Azha Trader 6.0, Week 3 Results

Week 4 Results.

Azha Trader 6.0 Results Week 4

Azha Trader 6.0 Results

Finally here is the total for 4 full weeks using the software – 17th June – 17th July.

Azha Trader 6.0 4 Week Results

To say I am happy with this software would be an under statement, I  have literally done nothing, yet if you break the $579 down into a daily average then it has produced a profit of $28.95 every day.

Azha Trader 6.0 Final Thoughts?

I have let this run for the last 4 weeks and it has brought me in a passive income daily.

Overall I am very happy with this (Who wouldn't be) It is truly hands off and very passive.

In fact, this software has earned me more than many of my niche blogs and YouTube channels.

When you buy Azha Trader 6.0 not only do you get the software but you also get the following:

  • Azha Army: Access to the Private User Group:
  • Automation: Automated Touch Free Software.
  • Private Access: Direct Access to the Founders of Azha Trader 6.
  • Simple step-by-step set up guide.

Getting Started With Azha Trader.

To start with this software is incredibly simple and it only takes two steps.

Step 1 – First you need a brokers account, this is basically somewhere you deposit your money into and then you can start trading.

The broker account used with this software and recommended is called Traders Way.

It takes less than two minutes to get this account open and below I have linked to the correct page you need to sign up with as there are a few different ones on the website.

Click below and it will take you to the correct page.

>>> You can open a free account with Traders Way here. 

You will want to look on the right hand side where it says “Open Live Account”

Step 2 – Purchase the software, you can get instant access to Azha Trader, click —–> HERE. 

Once purchased you get a welcome email and a Step-by-Step PDF, access to the private fb group and a couple of videos walking you through everything.



Azha Trader Price?

Currently this software costs $1,500 but if you purchase via my link above you will get $500 off for a limited time.

Also as this is just out of Beta testing I know this will be going up in the future, after speaking with the creators they plan on maybe putting this to a monthly plan so depending on when you are reading this the joining fee may be different.

Thanks for reading this review, I will also do an update in a couple more months for you, overall I am very happy with this passive income coming in, I will now start the search again for another income stream and update if and when I find one.

>> Get Azha Trader <<< 

Automated Forex Trading Software.

Can you really make money doing nothing?

Well as it turns out, yes you can! As you have read above, this whole thing once set up runs on complete autopilot and for that I am very happy.

I will also share an update in a few more weeks to share how it is ticking along.

Thanks for reading.

Take Care & Keep Smiling


Azha Trader - Make Money Doing Nothing

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