Is it really possible to make money as quickly as in one day?

Yep, it is possible. We’ve tried out some of them, and will share with you the best ones today.

When that urgent thing pops up that you need to pay for straight away, it can be pretty stressful.

Knowing the things that can make you money quickly, that are legit and not too much of a hassle, is a good thing to have in your back pocket.

Let’s take a look at the ways in which you can make quick money in one day:

Make Quick Money in One Day

Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing can not only bring you in quick money but the amounts are unlimited.

Traditional this method would take a long time.

However there are now many ways you can fast track this and start earning today.

What is affiliate marketing? This is where companies will pay you to send them customers.

Sites like Amazon, eBay and thousands more will pay you money if you send someone over to their website and they make a purchase.

The first step is finding a product or service to promote.

Once you have this, the next step is driving traffic or visitors to that product.

When someone buys. you earn an affiliate commission for your efforts.

I use affiliate marketing daily in my online efforts and it brings in a full time wage.

Below is a screen shot from one company I market products for.

How To Make Quick Money in One Day

As you saw in the image above, this income can be ridiculous and hard to believe at times, in just 5 days I earned more than what I was earning in a month from my previous job.

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This is everything I know about affiliate marketing and its truly eye opening, not only will you learn the basics and how it works but you will see the huge potential to earn money with this model.

This article covers affiliate marketing in more detail for you and shares many examples.

CPA Marketing To Make Quick Money.

CPA Stands for “Cost Per Acquisition”

This method to make money is very similar to affiliate marketing. Instead of marketing or sharing a product you can share competitions, freebies and lots more.

You can find thousands of companies who will pay you to send traffic or people to their offer or sign up page.

You can earn money in lots of ways including.

  • Someone watches a video
  • Signs up for a freebie
  • Enters their email

CPA marketing is also very easy to get started with because you can earn decent money by sharing a link on facebook, Instagram and many more places.

Does this work quickly?

Here is one of my campaigns using CPA marketing.


Real Ways To Make Money Online Today


This video I shared on YouTube walks you through the entire process.


If you want to learn more about CPA marketing and how to get started have a read of this article.

Selling on Fiverr.

One of the quickest ways that you can get some money in, is to sell on a site like Fiverr.

As the name suggests, you can start selling things for as little as £5, but you can up-sell for lots more.

There are a ton of things that you can sell on Fiverr, so there is bound to be something that you can find to offer.

Some examples are:

  • data entry
  • virtual assistant
  • writing articles
  • logo designs and more.

Check out Fiverr 

Retail Arbitrage on Fiverr.

Have you heard of Retail Arbitrage before? It’s where you buy something on one site, and then flip it for more on another.

There is the possibility to do this on Fiverr, where you simply put up a listing for a service and then when it sells, you buy that service from another site.

The great thing with this method is that you can do this today and it doesn't cost you a penny as you only buy the service from another site when your listing first sells on Fiverr.

Have a watch of this short video I shared on YouTube showing this method step-by-step.

Link to the method shown in the video —-> Make Money On Fiverr.

Make Quick Money With Surveys.

Survey sites get a bit of a bad rap in the making money online arena, but it’s important to pick the best survey sites.

It’s true that there are spammy ones out there and some which are a waste of time.

It is also worth remembering that you should never, ever have to pay to sign up to a survey site.

I will share with you the best survey sites that you can earn money from straight away:

The best thing to do with online surveys is join as many as possible and also create a new email address so you never miss the opportunity to take part in any surveys.

I have written a full article on making money with surveys which walks you through some of my earnings and best practices to make sure you earn the most from them.

Earn Money With These Apps.

Did you know that you can make a lot of money from your phone?

There are so many apps out there now, and lots of money making opportunities for you.

Our favourite apps are:

I have written several articles about making money from your phone and you can see them below:

5 Ways To Make Money With Your Phone

Awesome Apps To Make Money From Your Phone


Matched Betting To Make Money.

Matched betting is more of a long game, but you can definitely make money on the first day of doing it.

Matched betting isn’t gambling, but you do have to go on the gambling sites and place bets.

A lot of people get confused by the concept, but it’s actually very simple once you get your head round it and get started.

Betting sites will give out free bets in order to get you to entice you, and the key to matched betting is to get the free bets in your pocket as real cash.

The way that you do this is by using a betting exchange site, and placing a bet on the normal site – then an opposing bet on the betting exchange site.

This will cancel each bet out, unlocking the free bet, and then you will do it again – but it will mean you get the free bet back as real money.

I recommend using the site Profit Maximiser to guide you through this and it is a website I have used for several years.

Matched betting brings me in a regular tax free income every month of £500+

The video below shows how I earned £25 in 10 minutes using this method to make quick money, and it isn't as difficult as you may first think.


You can get started with Profit Maximiser for only £1 which includes a 2 week trial.

Market Research For Quick Cash.

If you haven’t started doing market research yet, you really need to get started! It’s a very simple way to make some quick cash.

Much like answering surveys, companies need to know information about certain demographics that they wish to market to.

Think about it – if you were selling a product and you were aiming it at a particular group of people e.g. women in Brighton in their early 20’s that have one child, it would make sense to speak to them about it.

There are some great market research companies out there such as:

People for Research

My favorite and the one I recommend and use is called Respondent.

There are always opportunity available with this company and the rate of pay is pretty decent.

Here is a screen shot from my dashboard right now:

How To Make Quick Money in One Day

The company is based in America so the money amounts are in dollars, if you look at the bottom one, this is paying $75 which is about £58 for 45 minutes of your time.

I think you will agree this is a excellent rate of pay for 45 minutes.

Check out Respondent here.

Web Search Evaluator.

Web search evaluator work is where you are paid to search the web, to help search engines run smoothly.

You will need to enter specific search terms that you are provided with, and see what comes up. You will then need to rate the websites – pretty easy!
You can join a company called Lionbridge where you can earn $12 an hour and can work up to 20 hours per week.

Forex Trading.

This comes with some risk but you can make money very quick with this method.

Recently I got involved with this and I made nearly $600 in 5 weeks using a piece of software which makes it completely hands off.

You can read the full article about Forex trading and my results here.

Freelance Work.

Similar to the Fiverr site that we looked at, there are other sites where you can offer various services for quick money.

There are sites like Upwork and Freelancer where you can sign up, create a profile and get started earning money.

You can offer so many different things on there, you don’t need to be an expert in any particular area, but still command a fee.

Dog Walking.

One of the best parts about offering dog walking, is that there is no upfront fee for you.

If you are in a tight spot and need money really quickly, ask in your local neighborhood and friends to see if they need a hand.

If you have a bit more time and want to be paid daily, you can sign up to sites like Tailster and put leaflets through doors in your local area.

As well as dog walking, you could also offer pet sitting services, where you stay at the home of the owners whilst they are away, or board the dogs in your home.

Refer a Friend.

Companies have cottoned on to the fact that if they provide generous refer-a-friend schemes, they will get a lot more business.

This is great for us, as it means that we can earn money just from referring our friends to things that we use and love.

A good example is Bulb energy, who are one of the leading gas and electric suppliers, but have a fab referral scheme where you can get £50 for referring your friends, and they get £50 as well.

Sell Your Labour.

When you are looking for quick money, this is a great one to try, as there is always a lot of demand, and you can get paid in cash.

Ask around, or post on a local Facebook group asking if anyone needs a hand with anything.

Examples could be helping move items, mowing lawns, watering gardens – whatever they want! This could vary depending on the season, so you could, for example, offer to sweep leaves in the Autumn.

Let them know that you are looking for some extra cash and are happy to do some chores to earn it.

Freelance Writing.

Even if you don’t love writing, freelance writing is a good way of getting money quickly in as little as one day.

There are so many sites and companies online now, and they need continuous content. This is where you can come in!

When you are looking for quick cash, you could write about pretty much anything. But if you are looking to do freelance writing on a more permanent basis, it’s a good idea to choose a specific area that you want to write in e.g. personal finance.

It helps if you have a website or blog of your own, but that doesn’t mean that they are essential. You can create a portfolio of work simply by writing up some articles, and/or submitting guest posts to sites.

There are job boards that you can find work on, such as ProBlogger, Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour and more.

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about freelance writing.

Drive for Lyft or Uber.

Have you ever had a lift in a car from one of these companies? Chances are that you have.

It’s clear to see that there is a big demand for these services over the more traditional taxis, so you know that you will be able to get a lot of work.

You will need to have your own car, be at least 21 years old and you will need to apply for a private hire licence from your local council.

And that concludes this article – Real Ways To Make Money From Home Today.

I hope you found it useful?

Please let me know in the comments section below and also if you have any questions.

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Make Quick Money in One Day